All About Australian Football League

Australian football is the efforts of Tom Wills who introduce the idea with his cousin. Which becomes the base of Victorian Football league (VFL), it was found in 1897, having only eight clubs when started within the state of Victoria. With the passage of time many teams from Australia joined this league and the number increased to eighteen with a new name of Australian football league (AFL). Now they have AFL clubs in different states of Australia but maximum numbers of teams still belongs from Victoria. They have some defined rules to follow which are governed by the league only. AFL is internationally renowned league which spread its roots to Japan, England, Denmark and Canada at immature level. League has different programs such as AFL juniors, AFL youth, AFL 9s, senior AFL and women AFL team.

AFL Juniors; it gives kids the opportunity to play and get familiar with the most played game of Australia. This provides safe and enjoyable experience to all the boys and girls.

AFL youth; it allows children to play a fast and skillful game with their friends and new member to develop team building.

AFL 9s; this game has nine players on ground from each side which is ideal for school sports and children to make their own team.

Senior AFL; league also allows seniors to join the game to remain fit as it is very fast game.

Women AFL team; which allow women to be in sports.

 In this show each team has 18 players in the oval shaped ground and they have to pass the football to other players by kicking or hand passing. The main task is to kicking the ball between the goal posts. You have 4 replacements available which allows you to change the player anytime you feel the need. Normally it has four quarters of 20mins. It is very famous game in Australia and most of the matches held in the boundary of Australia. It is also known as footy, Aussie rules football.

They also introduce their stores which offer a wide range of products from team logo jerseys to car seat covers for their fans. Let’s have a tour to their official afl store

  • In clothing line; they offer gurneys, tees, hats or beanies, scarfs and hoodies for men, women, kids and toddlers as well with the logos or design of any specific club.
  • In sports line; they provide footballs and golf balls of your favorite club.
  • In accessories section they offer bags, jewelry, toys, flags, key rings, badges and pins etc.
  • In category of home and living; they have items like mugs, mats, stools, stationary, gift packs etc.
  • In leisure and outdoor, they have car accessories, darts, puzzles and dog jumpers.

Above are all the merchandise that AFL offers its fan base to support their respective teams.